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Dashboard and Project Management

posted Mar 17, 2022, 10:22 PM by jeffery jim
Today I got the chance to review Reveron Insight Dasboard by Reveron Consulting. It is a system that maybe use for modern project management for Pan Borneo packages. This is a system with customized dashboard powered by Bentley AssetWise. Fancy dashboard or portal hosting in my opinion. It is like PHP-Nuke, Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal for content management system for those who are familiar with IT. Slightly better than some free and/or open source CMS.

Real-time project management is something I have anticipated to thrive since early 2000. My degree thesis is related to online tender which utilizes CFM dynamic markup language and MS PWS as well as ODBC JET interfacing. Then I go on as research assistant in project management with my masters degree.

There are not much changes ever since then. The introduction of IR 4.0 may work well on certain industries but not construction industry. There are limitations with such a vast industry where big data is not the main issue. It is the highly segmented industry and that is the main issue. No specific key index can be use as main reference, probably WBS but this remain uncertain.

What happened to modern building information system as many have rallied? What lacks in this key infrastructure? artificial intelligence! A system is no longer robust if is too rigid and requires too much labour or resources to keep it functional.
What is the point of having a system which treat the project manager as IT manager? The top management is busy driving the dashboard and not the project. What is the outcome? A failed project.

What is the point of putting MS Project schedule with 4,000 tasks? Running ODBC tool to and fro with PHP and mySQL? Why not use Primavera P6 with built in Oracle instead? So much of processing needs and time. Imagine the idling time during the processing period.

I used to laugh at Primavera Navigator and its dashboard despite its full automation. What should I do with a system which requires manual labor? I condemn it of course.

A software with many features is not proven to be beneficial if it is not propagate by artificial intelligence. To lump in gantt chart with BIM and GIS is not smart as well as embedding OLEs (when things have to be manually tagged).
Why not using GIS code embedded in JPG for automation? The answer is accuracy of civilian GPS system which can vary by 10-20 meters.

Why not allow editing shape or vector file and code it to gantt chart for location? Sections of road can be divided based on P&P and render on layers. WBS have to be set similar to BQ item coding.

Nothing is impressive if subsets of programs are based on API without any integration of artificial intelligence coded in R language.

I am not convinced by features and grandeur of capabilities. I fancy automation. Both exist in different realm in construction industry. As I said many times before, quantum computing may not able to cater construction industry due to its highly diverse nature