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Estimating Rock Strata for Mass Hauling in Infrastructure Work

posted Jun 10, 2019, 7:46 AM by jeffery jim

During lunch time, i spoke to one of my partners that it has been a big problem for quantity surveyors and civil engineers to determine the soil and rock quantity without proper soil investigation and/or geological exploration.

Through literature that i read for some time now, we can assume that granitic residual soil usually have thickness of 30m residual soil while sedimentary rock is often thinner.

How thin? It depends on the topography and making learned estimations based on the soil map and lithological units or parental units. Toward alluvial retention topographical formation may have thicker stratum of around 10m while undulating one would have lesser, estimated around 5 to 7 meter of soil. You can also allow around 3m of hard material of grade V and IV before reaching to grade III.

Apart from the quantity surveyor and civil engineers, future project planners should also keep this good rule of thumb when involve with productivity of work of such nature. What is the projected productivity rate?
Hard material - 50-70m3 per hour using PC500
Rock material - 30-35m3 per hour using D8R with single shank ripping unit.
By having this rate, you can estimate to the nearest time required for excavation works.