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ODBC in Planning

posted Sep 6, 2021, 7:57 AM by jeffery jim
ODBC is Open Database Connection which enable information sharing cross platforms in realtime. This means there is no need for manual import, export and conversion. I used this back in 2000 when running MS Access database for e-tendering hosted by MS PWS.

The thing about cross platform using database is realtime data updates. If not, you need to manually export and share data. If you are good in programming language and can organize ODBC, you can run MSP to Primavera easily and even dashboard for website using C+ or PHP or any new DHTML.

There is news going around where Primavera Project Planing (P3) is robust where planning can be done with the assistance of BIM, namely Autodesk components especially Revit in generating quantities of works.

It is feasible since Primavera run with oracle when information is stored in SQL. So one can run SQL or other query language to organize the database, one can do multiple like how i did before in 2012/2013 for PETRONAS.

Therefore, it is not totally true if other planning software cannot interconnect. It can be done specifically with knowledge and time consuming.

To put this into perspective, it is hard unless all consulting parties are using Autodesk components, mainly Revit to generate quantity. Yes, there are 3D civil, MEP and all sort but less likely everyone hope into a single environment. It is there but not feasible. Why make life hard when QS can generate BQ?

Apart from that AI have yet to achieve the ability to plan complex sequences based on specifications, conditions and worse, the desire of the client. AI can do a waterfall (F-S) work program and may not have the capacity in tying up other activities together.