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Overtime as to Crash the Work Schedule

posted Jun 10, 2019, 8:01 AM by jeffery jim

Many contractors will jump into overtime (OT) to cover delays in their project. For many professional planners, OT is not the best way to crash resources and ensure your productivity leads to the convergence of your progress graph with the baseline curve.

Main reason for reduction in production with the increase of resources is very much caused by immobility. Unlike factory, construction is very unique. Without proper lighting and underpowered luminaires, work slows down due to reduced visibility and confined into areas where work is visible to avoid accident.

When confinement and immobility are in place, it is similar to production theory for diminishing returns of scale.

The best way to increase is to look at your resources graph and choose the appropriate phase to increase resources by a few gangs close to the spiking need of additional resources. Second, take a look at the possible idling or allowed lagging where these resources can be leveraged to the affected section of work.

You cannot get up one day and increase resources for a week and discharge them. Be realistic.