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Relationship; SS of FF?

posted Jul 20, 2019, 7:57 AM by jeffery jim


You are tasked to designate the relationship between embankment fill and spot turfing at area with land compensation issues. Choose the appropriate relationship and justify why.
(10 points)


The key answer and determination of type of relationship depends on the plausible or possible complication during construction and the contractual issue bound to it for EOT purposes.

When encounter possible delays caused by a predecessor, always highlight it and let other subsequent activities which are related tied to it be consequential. In this case, instead of using SS, it is best to use FF relationship. If you need additional 14 days for turfing to complete after embankment fill (it is a need to complete or cover the cut or fill area), thus the relationship shall be FF+14d or FF+10d depending on your calendar.

Here it highlights two possible delays that affect both activities. One - land inquisition and the delay in starting earthwork. Two - land inquisition and possible additional land inquisition for ROW for slope stability works.When work on FF, it highlights causal-effect as it also maintains the CPM which includes both issues.

In this case, it is clear that either one of these actual create impact on the generated schedule updates.Typically, this would be SS relationship for greenfield but not at areas with complication.This will explain easily rather than to show splits. It somehow help your client to understand the event and award you additional time