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Road Design Software - A basic comparison among MES Road (, Bentley MX Road and Autodesk Civil 3D (2013) Package for road design

posted Jun 16, 2018, 8:03 AM by jeffery jim

Among all three, the simplest to use will be MES Road where all road geometries based on JKR and REAM are built into the software. Between MX Road and Autodesk Civil 3D, it depends on your customization. Civil 3D will be a breeze if you have myCivil Plus template and xml files which suit the local need based on ATJ 8/86 or REAM. Same goes with MX Road. Although MES Road is easier, you cannot edit values except for min and max for both horizontal and vertical alignment in option dialog box while Civil 3D, the xml files provided by myCivil Plus allow it to be edited using notepad or any code editing software. You don't need to use hexedit and so forth for this operation. In the latest Civil 3D, you can use VBA script as macros.

Processing wise, I believe that Civil 3D is the real winner here where it have real-time update when there is a change on both alignment and vertical alignment if you toggle auto rebuild setting. As for MES Road, you still have to run your horizontal and vertical alignment plus superelevation before regenerating everything. Worst, for this particular release, it uses algorithm with limited speed but works stably on slower computers. It works fine for road under 7km. As for MX Road, You have to run to check conflicts but with myCivil Plus installed in Civil 3D, that is peanut when moving the point for tangent, curve and transition.

As for drafting, Civil 3D is much easier if myCivil Plus is installed since it is based on JKR format. As for the rest, you can compute everything but it have to be tweaked when imported into AutoCAD for drafting.