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Sample of Geology and Pedology Report

posted Sep 8, 2019, 6:51 AM by jeffery jim

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** This kind of report usually forms the introduction before full geotechnical report and analyses. It also forms fundamental points which will be disseminated in various arguments or validations or parsimonious references; suitable when rendering contexts of discussion and summation.***

Based on Soil Map of Sabah, the site is located within an area which consists of two types of main soil association which are; Tuaran and Kinabatangan where both soil types are of alluvium parental material. Nevertheless, the main component of the pedosphere would most likely consist of soil units from the Tuaran soil association. The location of the water intake sits on the meandering belt of the river and the treatment plant is likely sitting on the foot of terraces or undulating land which fits the Brantian soil association.

Fluvisol indicates that part of the meandering belt consist of stratified fluviatile, marine and lacustrine sediments while Cambisol significantly render a quite moderately developed soil with little or no profile differentiation, and Gleysols indicates that groundwater can be very shallow and have excessive wetness, saturated and stagnant at the top 50mm of the soil strata.

At the higher terrace, Acrisols consist of acidic low-activity clays with low base status and Podzols is related to subsoil accumulation of humus and/or oxides (Al or Fe ions and chemistry). These classifications under WRB Reference Soil Groups (RGSs) shall be complimentary to information acquired from site exploration, boreholes and relevant lab test in accordance to BS5930 and BS1377.

The main concern with Gleysols would be the ability to reduce oxides to soluble and transport it within the strata and a huge concern when it comes to redoximorphic features. This redoximorphic is coupled with oximorphic which alternative reducing and oxidizing conditions. This is consistent with the finding from some boreholes before fragmental stratum with soil of greyish/bluish color.

Fluvisols is equally harmful since most Fluvisols are closely related with acid sulphate soil if there is the presence of Pyrite.