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Simplest methods to review a workable work program

posted Jun 16, 2018, 7:57 AM by jeffery jim

1. A work program looks impressive if it has the right and tidy layout. It would be most impressive if it has close to 2000 activities and Level 8 WBS. This probably will impress many especially client but not for me. For me, these are aesthetics and have not much impact on the desired planning and result.

2. The first thing i do before i waste my time on tracking the sequences of each activities, i always take a good feel of the work program. I generate visual reports and start to look at the leveraging of resources. Secondly, i take a look at the cash flow or the financial s-curve.

3. These two reports tell a lot about the contractor's planning department and the characteristics of the project manager (PM). There is no point to have a PMP accreditation if a PM don't even know how to organize cash and resources.

4. Rule of thumbs: S-curves are not supposed to look like 'S's. Yes, 'S's will hit the asses. That is a curve which fits a development phase with NPB phase. A physical construction stage, the curve should be as linear as can be and nothing close to exponential type of graph. The reason behind this to ensure the full utilization of credit facilities to 80-90%, proper drawdowns and what soever related to cashflow. This will ensure optimization of credit facilities with 10-20% reserves for purchase, credit notes and contingencies.