A professor's stupid question

posted Mar 17, 2022, 10:15 PM by jeffery jim
1. I was asking myself why is this professor asking me a stupid question when it perfectly makes sense with a simple reply. Parsimony! Why more?

2. As I am not happy, I spent almost days reading on subject that matters. I found out that his question is stupid but valid.

3. This made me understand one simple fact. A stupid question by a smart scholar leads you to realization that you are much better than who you were last week.

4. The time you consumed is worth it as you have learned more by force and critically. It is a process that is relentless but rewarding.

5. Now, reflect on the time you think that you are smart when arguing or mingling with stupids. Those are time you suffered losses in progression.

6. Time is of the essence they said. It is also relative to actions we drive to thrive in life.

7. A stupid question by a scholar is an economic equity. When you count your profit or monies, always include your opportunity costs based on efforts you have invested into.

8. It is an opportunity to learn from stupid question(s) as long as it comes from the o' wise one. At the end of the day, you are a step further than others and also ahead of other scholars.

9. Life is a continuous journey filled with excitements and discoveries. The day I die is the day I will realize, I brought too much to the grave without anyone noticing it.