Engineer or Designer? Difference?

posted Jul 28, 2022, 6:14 AM by jeffery jim
Engineers: Anyone who have completed their engineering degree or relevant degree (B.Eng or B.Sc) and have registered with Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM). He or she should comply with requirements and approval by the Committee based on Registration of Engineers Act 1967 ( Revised 2015). In some cases, certain countries or universities are not accredited and have to get at least a master degree to qualify to be registered as a registered person
Engineer is a broad term for a registered person as mentioned above and are allowed to practice and covered by BEM. Engineers are divided into graduate engineer, professional engineer (PE) and professional engineer with practicing certificate (PEPC). One must sits for interview and exams in order to secure their PE and/or PEPC. After practicing for certain years, these engineers are allowed to Independent Checker and ASEAN Engineer and so on. Apart from local accreditation, one can go for other accreditations in other countries as IEng or CEng MICE and et cetera.
For work purposes, roles, responsibilities and segregation of designation at site, the followings are some basic assigned job scope for engineers.
At site, the Consulting Engineer shall be represented by Chief Resident Engineer, Resident Engineer or Assistant Resident Engineer who oversee construction works. This ensure compliance to design prepared by the designer as well as project brief, and as complimentary advisor to the Superintending Officer. In Consulting Engineer Head Office, there are two sections namely; design department and management department. In design department, most of the engineers are called designers. In management department, engineers are called project engineer if he or she oversees a project. The owner or the chief of the consulting firm is called the principal and seniors are also known as partners or associates. They are engineers too.
In contractor setup, topdown of the matrix consists engineers. The project director is usually an engineer with 30 years experience while project manager is an engineer with 20 to 25 year experience. Then down to construction manager who is an engineer, 10-15 years experience; section engineers - engineers with 5 to 10 years experience. The Project Control Engineer are engineers who are good in planning and cash control. They ensure the health of the project and monitor possible delays. There are also a project coordinator who probably sits as peer to the project manager who runs all the show with client and local authorities and other required coordination. There is another department called QAQC. Here the head engineer is called QAQC Manager who supervise the requirement for material submission, quality control and et cetera. The junior are QAQC engineers.
In government setup, the Director is a seasoned veteran civil engineer. All KPP and so on are engineers as well. District engineer or Jurutera Daerah are engineers. Mostly those who are designated with scale J41 and above are engineers.
In other supporting fields like third party laboratories, there are also engineers with various and miscellaneous designation. From specialist, manager until engineer. There are also sales engineer who can accommodate your technical need for procurement.
Hence, to make it easy, engineer is a broad term to describe a registered person under Registration of Engineers Act 1967. If you haven't registered with BEM and you have a scroll in engineering, you are not an engineer. Let us keep things easy.