Great Businesses when You Forsake Your Education?

posted Mar 17, 2022, 10:42 PM by jeffery jim
The recent development about seventeen thousand students who dropped out from their tertiary education is alarming and around 5 thousand suspended their study for no reason. At the same time, with the gig economy allows many graduates to divert from their initial career and involved on all other works and jobs for better income. In certain cases, some of them believe that they would survive when venturing in business and forsake their education or what they have studies in their diploma and/or degree program. Is it worth it?

What is a great business? This is a typical question many ask and wonder. It is also the money pit to scam the money out of you with worthless self-empowerment scheme.

Frankly, there is no specific model to build a business although there are miscellaneous business models available out there. The question is which and what to tweak along the journey. Let us not talk about cryptocurrency as it is an intangible investment for all or scalping share market as you understood you have least control of scenarios. Candle charting is one method but there are science behind it in order to maximize possibilities where theories only rely on ceteris paribus.

Let us talk about things you have control for both tangible and intangible. In other word, what are physical and explicit cost as well as the hidden implicit cost. If you hold dearly to Robert Kiyosaki teaching, then you are free to go with crap quadrants. How many people have their bubble burst in real estate in the recent pandemic era? Hence, you have to invest in yourself and rebrand yourself.

What is self investment and self/personal branding? It is a the initial process of expansion in entrepreneurial processes. Self-realization is the core to entrepreneurship where one realized a communal problem and try to exploit the opportunity with time and resources. Without self-realization, no one can be a successful entrepreneur. Nevertheless, age is not the benchmark for entry point as an entrepreneur. Some young children can be entrepreneurs at a tender age while some will have to go through intrapreneurship before he or she found the right exploits. The ability to find gap is the fundamental while grit is required to be persevere throughout the long hours while laboring on an idea. Those born with silverspoon may have advantage but in a rather conservative way. Reservation and tribulation will shape the character to be patient and stay passionate. Therefore, there is no shortcut.

What business then? We were taught to jump into blue ocean and avoid the saturated red ocean. What we see all around us are people jumping into the bandwagon what seems to be the trend and fad. That is the first key mistake when making decision for business entry.

Younger millennials are misled by this as they forget the term rich and wealthy. Bill Gates described both terminologies in great details when describing his daughter's choice in hand when choosing a husband. A wealthy person have money while a rich person is a person's ability to generate and accumulate wealth apart from quotients related to intelligence, emotions, social and adversity. The adversity quotient have placed millennials far from the path of being successful and slower progression. This is why new generation could not be sustainable. Most are not willing to face adversity and hindrance in the earlier part of their career.

What is the best business? Investing in education and well-being. These looks like a waste of time but they are not as these are building block in self-realization which will path a way for entrepreneurial exploits. Many have not treated these as opportunity costs in decades to come. Education is important and time is of the essence in such undertaking. Good education opens your perspective to a new realm when gaps can be resolved. The critical event that must take precedence would be service for whole or all but in niche market. This create demand - essential and not duplicable by the rest since knowledge is known to be very exclusive to those who seek for it.

There are many businessmen out there who are successful in duplicating business model but what about their sustainability and exit plan? While McDonalds have great sustainability, think about great individuals like Elon Musk who have proper exit plan. The way he reinvest his yield from PayPal into Tesla and Space-X.

Education and knowledge require time. Time is the first business you need to tame before entering a business, startup or project. Without the ability to have proper continuous education is a real drawback to many. Proper education helps you with gap finding and resolving issues where such critical thinking may not systematically occur in non-intellectual individuals.

Knowledge will allow you to find remedies for exploits when others are not aware. Experience will bring wisdom in orchestrating processes and grit will be useful in facing adversities. Business? It is a choice of field when you realize what makes you happy - certain routines which make you feel like you are no longer a wage worker.