Making Choices on Learning

posted Jun 10, 2019, 7:43 AM by jeffery jim

Yesterday, i dropped by my office and ask if any of the design engineers willing to be stationed at site. Looks like none is willing. It is okay, probably they just like to deal with software.

For me, a great design is beyond design brief. It is about constructibility. If a sophisticated design is erratic, the design is great on paper but it will lead to construction flaws. Men have certain limit in interpretation, now talking about semi-skilled or not highly educated individuals working who have low wage in the industry.

After lunch meet up, I met the old bridge designer who is close to 70 years old. I am amazed. In solitude, I have been hunting knowledge and this humble old man did not brag about his achievement. Instead, he did the opposite. He told me that certain things that I asked are too detail, he even submit to the fact that he have limited knowledge about it. It is a specialist work, of course. Those questions I posed require 3 years course in the States and can only be interpreted by competent person. He passed and mentored me on some of those questions for a while before a brief exchange.

Deep inside, I am quite blessed since I manage to ask to that extend but part of me is dying to have answers. 41 and I still feel I am the dumbest person around. The tree of knowledge is so tall, some could not even see branches; leave alone the fruits.