MBA is pointless in business and as a Leader?

posted Sep 6, 2021, 2:28 AM by jeffery jim
This is one of the many comments I got after completing my MBA. It started with Google and Apple organizations before Facebook told the world that they need people who are talented, not with MBA. Then the hyped bugs catched everyone who have gut to say it is pointless program. What is sad, these people have no proper education and think that experience matters the most.

2. It is true, MBA is a general masters degree which will not teach you anything specific because your degree is the one that determined your specific career and niche market you are embarking. Some hustled their way and made a specific trade their niche market for exploitation and joyfully labeled themselves as entrepreneurs.

3. Usually most professionals will work for fifteen to twenty over years before they have the abilities to master the trade and market. Some got lucky and successfully embarked into gig economics which lasted a few months before they sell off their business or worst, destroyed by big corps or copycats. I am not going to put too much effort in discriminating which industry but all industries are troubled during this pandemic era. Drought for all medium enterprises and endless plagues for many small setups.

4. MBA program have actually prepared most for this sort of era in entrepreneurship program. Entrepreneurship does not mean one have to be an entrepreneur but can co-exist as intrapreneur in order to exploit opportunities. It is called hustling safely after taking calculated risks for your own good by tapping income from a proper and formal job, and siphoning monies through side incomes and established companies within the same industry.

5. Management is a theory you can casually learn through books and theories or self-proclaimed like most. It is so simple, they are a lot of false gurus out there selling you plans on management and business administration in all sort of trades. The classics would be real estate and share trading where grotesque and ill advice cost you a fortune or schemed nicely for knowledge upgrades through free trial. Bilious scams will stay for those profoundly gullible to be acknowledged.

6. Leadership and management go hand in hand. Leaders are forged to shape, quenched in baptism of fury, and most of all tested through time. Leaders are those who are persistent and endured battles.

7. One way to gain this is through experience at your own mental, physical and financial cost. The other wiser way would be endless simulations in MBA classes. You are taught in no specific way to win an upper hand in a shrewd manner or forfeit and cut your loses in given time frame. You are trained to be malleable as in adaptive during dark hours and as a supple business artist with agility to exploit when chances arise.

8. EQ and SQ are the components that are lacking in modern management. MBA program highlights the importance of emotional quotient above intelligence quotient with all sort behavioral models and theories. A true leader achieved the level of enlightenment or actualization when he uses beyond humane approach to get things done. No persuasion is required but a satiety to his or her soul while satisfactory to the other soul. This can be driven by MBA program and achieved through actual scenarios.

9. True leaders get things done their way, their time and in their favorable condition with least effort. They spend more time fixing than managing. Their objective is very clear and simple; inner peace and in equilibrium with their surrounding. It is certainly zen, surpassing dharma and achieved mokhsa in life.