Technical Report

posted Mar 17, 2022, 10:20 PM by jeffery jim
Dear academicians,

I have been getting queries and requests by many engineering students about technical reports. Frankly, I am disappointed and students can be resentful in such predicament. It is admirable that students are requested to initiate moves to be very close to the industry but please understand one thing. Have empathy and sympathy on them.
It is not right to leave them with small scale assignment and request them to duplicate what the industry is doing by leaving them astray like headless chickens. I pity them and I wish I could help them but before doing so, let me be very clear with this issue.

An academician or a mentor should be guiding and teaching their apprentices with dedication and not half-hardheartedly. It is futile and at oblivious side of the leadership continuum especially when they are about to be part of professional guild. When talking about leadership continuum, it is not transformational but rather laissez-faire based on my perspective.

If academicians want them to replicate what the industry do, then academicians have to be prepared and should have done sabbatical at least once every five years. This kind of exposure not only keeps the lecturer aware of the industry wants and needs but also as an opportunity to see how reports, records and all sort of documentations are done. Aside from that, this is the time when a academician can compile and understand sample of reports and records.

For me, independence have nothing to do with format of work. If students are tasked with making reports, kindly provide them with templates. It is reasonably fair to have a template for them to work on. Some of them are not lazy but rather clueless.
I meticulously changed many government agencies' templates for better reporting. We professionals also exchange templates out of necessity. Nothing to do with our capabilities. Hence, it is only appropriate for a template to be provided or at least a checklist. The world is revolving in yearly basis. It is predicted that in the next four years, a revolution will occur similar to a leap of a century. Where will you be? Where will the students be? Surely not gig economy!

For us the professionals within the industry, we would love to see those in academia lead youngling and have them exposed but in an appropriate manner. Academicians should leave text books and do some soul searching after reading this post. Find the missing link and be that great mentor again. That missing link is similar to research gaps academicians have been seeking but this time it is about yourself and your teaching method.

It is the academicians' duty to guide these young ones with fair salary in teaching but also bear in mind, academicians are responsible for their learning curve before shipping them out to the industry. Blessed are those who are trying their best and I hope this particular recommendation I made will make most of academicians strive for the best especially in equipping young engineers in nation building.