The following listed companies and organizations are our affiliates in our specialized work in undertaking large scale projects. Although we are affiliated, we are still open for ventures with other potential parties and international powerhouse in construction and finance. Besides that, we also accept relevant parties who are interested to have a professional ties as tiers and peers.

Our team also consist of full-time members and ad-hoc advisors who are working closely with us in various field of projects. These professional members are individuals with prudential and professional certification as practitioners.

Nevertheless, we also have groups of sub-ordinates which consist of less experience individuals who are doing their housemanship. This is part of MALAYSIA CONSTRUCTION SERVICES plan’s for future expansion as we believe that our professional services will be needed as the construction industry is getting complex and need a group of experienced professionals to come up with the best solutions.

Oil and Gas Field
Hansac Engineering & Consultancy

Structure Repair and Rehabilitation
Kontraktor Tataba Sdn Bhd

Design Consultant
Alamega Consult (Structural & Geotechnic)
UM Jurutera (Structural)
Perunding Innovasi (Structural)
STEP Consultant (Highway and Traffic)
SARG Consultant (Structural)
Jurutera Perunding CKS (Structural)
Amir Madani Runding (Structural)

The list of builders and contracting organization will not be listed down due to privacy and mutual understandings.