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Blast & Seismic Proof Reinforced Structure

Introduction to vibration proof reinforcements

Ever since the eruption of terrorism issues globally, it has been the nightmare for many when It comes to protect life as well as protecting their investment. High technology scanners and deployed human resources is one of the best ways to keep order but will it provide the assurance of safety in the event that a blast has been initiated?

It is clear that these methods may not save life of passerby and the innocent. Previously, the standard method in preparing a shear resistant wall or partition is through construction of the load bearing wall which are braced to the building. Aside from that, the previous design of building or facilities is not calculated to meet such requirements.  To make matters worse, most of the buildings are decorated with architectural clad and finishes and it is impossible to distort the aesthetic essence of the signature buildings and landmarks. Conventional bracing are not desired by many and therefore, Malaysia Construction Services has team up with a few specialists in installing retrofits.

These retrofits are almost similar to CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) and/or Kevlar except that these fabrics are dedicated and installed in away to be optimized in taking impact up to 20 to 30 feet from ground zero.

Learn more about these fittings

MCS have several ties and understanding with international installers and manufacturers who are able to assist with design, manufacturing, supplies, installation and commissioning of these fittings. To learn more about vibration proof materials in order for new installation and retrofitting works, kindly contact MCS for more information.