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Concrete Restoration

Introduction to concrete restoration

Concrete restoration has been one of the famous methods in reinforced concrete structure repair for years however it always overshadowed by the inappropriate methods by non-approved applicators. Lest to say, most of the time; concrete are refilled with plaster mortar which resulted shrinkage and cracks re-submerged, visible to many. It is partly aesthetic treatment and has nothing to do with strengthening or he process or repair, rehabilitation nor restoration.

The appropriate ways as suggested by MCS would be grouting with non-shrink and self-leveling grouts, re-concreting with appropriate strength and approved mix (in accordance to BS 206-1:2000) or a simple mortar patching works. However to ensure the selected method of treatment will complement the budget and optimize the total restoration, kindly contact us for assistance.

Photos of grouting works

Photos of recasting concrete work

Photos of mortar patching works

Photos of resin injection works