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MCS is synonym to consultation which varies in various fields just to cater the fragmented and large field of construction. The officials, members, partners and affiliates to MCS has been deeply rooted to construction and build communities.

The following list are the job scope which MCS is specialized in providing consultation in pre-tender, post tender, processes and commissioning. The consultation ranges from providing advices, site investigation, data compilation, design, pre and post tender processes, execution, sub-contracting, supervision, financing, management and contract administration, planning, testing and commissioning and etc.

Our technical specializations are mainly in structure repair and rehabilitation work, project management and contract administration, oil & gas and marine works, road stabilization and geotechnical work, architecture works and design & concept works. 

We worked very closely with civil, geotechnical & structural consultants, geologist and technologist in regards to project proposals, desktop studies, site investigations and interpretations, GIS works, new designs and design change (value engineering) works.

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