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CFRP structure retrofitting and fresh installation

Many reinforced concrete which are constructed in the country during the early years are not constructed properly if not are not reinforced accordingly. Recent years, construction work also encounter defects due to the nature of construction industry practices as well as economy.

The recent practice of in providing solutions through the application of CFRP (Carbon Fibers Reinforced Polymer) via wrapping or strapping along the elements, joints or the soffit of the elements. This has increased tremendously the structural integrity, robustness as well as the Ultimate Tensile Strength.

Installation of jackets for jetty's piles.

Nevertheless, the various applications and CFRP materials have its limitation based on their installation methodology which caused delamination and anchorage failure.

MCS sought the solutions and specialist for fresh installation as well as retrofitting works after performing analysis and site visit. This will assist in determining the installation types and costings to the expectation of any potential clients.