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Geotechnic, Geology, Road and Seismic Design

Geotechnical engineering is one of the most complicated engineering field which involves with soil science, soil mechanics, rock mechanics, ground water and to the extend of correlating engineering works to soil taxonomy. Seismic engineering is another field which requires the fundamental understanding of geology and the association of lifeline engineering when implementing a sustainable design at seismically active areas. We have assisted a few consultants in their design submission for load derivation, base shear calculation and selection of appropriate ductility class.

Basically, geotechnical designs are soil retaining structure designs, slope and rock stability designs, foundation designs and various type of soil/earth analyses. One of the most sought after geotechnical verification nowadays is the global slope stability check which is required to ensure the in place geotechnical component(s) or application(s) are suitable and stable enough to comply with JKR guidelines for slope design. We are involved with road design mainly traffic design, road geometry and alignment, and pavement design where we are involved with a package for KKORR Pan Borneo project. MSC specialization in geotechnic not only limited to design works on workstations instead extended to field works. This includes site investigations, soil testings, geo-exploration and comprehensive data collection using LiDAR based on required proforma.

Seismic design is another new challenge in local context where design should satisfy the MS EN 1998-1:2015, Eurocode 8 (national annex) requirements when it comes to seismic loading for all structural, civil and geotechnical engineering application. MSC's associates consists of professional engineers and geologist are able to assist in deriving appropriate seismic load and spectrum to be incorporated into finite element software and to ensure the result is precise and safe as well as economic depending on the ductility class and structure importance. We can assist in conducting Electrical resistivity tomography and Petrography test. Apart from earthquake engineering, we also assist client in lifeline requirements.

We have professional geologists as specialist for part of the geotechnical and seismic engineering design works.