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Urban Storm Design, ESCP and Hydraulic Modelling

MCS have a strong reputation in designing urban storm water system as well as erosion and sedimentation control plan which complies with MSMA and ESCP by the Drainage and Irrigation Department. All urban storm water designs are simulated spatially and empirically modeled based on hydrologic design concept using various hydrology-related modelling software and GIS software.

Designs are able to cater large development with ample space for storm water conveying and storage system as well as smaller development with little area or footprint for temporary storage to control post development flow by discharging through OSD facility. Among features in the design include hydraulic structures, engineered waterways, reservoirs and other aesthetics which can be integrated as part of the landscape for the development.

For erosion and sedimentation control, we provide the appropriate method to handle siltation and sedimentation based on appropriate correlation to the type of soil for both Sabah and Sarawak which is not available in the ESCP guideline. Currently, we are building soil erodibility database for West Coast of Sabah.

Lastly, MSC does provide hydraulic modelling for road construction, flood mitigation and other civil engineering works.