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Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are one of the most sensitive areas in a building which always become a controversial area and a debate amongst architects and engineers frequently. Whilst architect try to place expansion joints at the storage or water closet areas, engineer will argue to ensure that this sensitive area to be water tight and try to make it as an area where water or moisture would start an ingression processes.

Aside from that, the installation of new expansion joint would be required where previously, there are no provisions in providing joints along the structure which lead to cracking due to thermodynamic of materials for that particular structure.

Joints can be deliberate construction joints or building joints, how about gaps on structure due to crack or seismic movement?

Far from conventional views that usually portray joints as in rubber joiners; expansion joints and treatments come in various shapes such as;-
  • injection types
  • cementitious mortar types
  • chemical bars and strips, and
  • resin types

Nevertheless, MCS do have methods in providing solutions for all parties for these kind of problems as well as the placement of new expansion joints if deem necessary to curb some of the cracking problem. Beside installation and application, MCS will advice on appropriate treatment required to ensure further damage will not happen in the nearest future and also, the level of quality for the waters.

MCS will ensure the usage of the chemical applied are safe up to drinking quality!