JEFjim Project

JEFjim Program is a new non-profit program which is independently developed by Jeffery Jim for the younger engineers. JEFjim means Jack-Engineering-Fraternity by Jim. The objectives are to create enthusiasm among children and young adult to understand builders and engineers' work, assisting young engineers in career path, to promote and fosters mentoring relationship between young and experienced engineers, and to guide young engineers to achieve accreditation as set by IEM and BEM. 

This shall be a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform for consulting engineering firms which will contribute to the sustainable development mainly in engineering communities, stages of assessment, ethical practices, free access to mentoring, freedom in self-education and other broader non-monetary concepts in self-actualization or self-efficacy as an engineer.

There are several stages in this particular project where activities are divided into several classes;-
  • Tenderfoot (Primary School),
  • Sapper (Secondary School),
  • Pioneer (Undergraduate),
  • Junior Third Class (Non-graduate but an engineering enthusiast),
  • Junior Second Lower Class (Graduated with an engineering degree and not fully practicing),
  • Junior Second Upper Class (Graduated with a relevant diploma or certificate and fully practicing),
  • Junior First Class (Graduated, Registered with IEM and BEM or ICE member),
  • Lector (Junior who is trained to mentor Sapper and Tenderfoot),
  • Senior (Graduated and with ingenieur, Ir salutation or a doctorate degree holder, under 15 years experience),
  • Veteran (Senior with with more than 15 years experience), 
  • Magister (Veteran who is trained to mentor Juniors), and
  • Maestro (Senior or Veteran who possesses an engineering doctorate degree and currently working as a Professor or Associate Professor). 
The first batch will be exclusively invited before membership open to all however each participant shall undergo compulsory assessment as well as conforming relevant accreditation.