Rules and Regulations

Post date: Jan 13, 2018 5:31:04 PM



Please read these instructions carefully. A candidate who breaches any of the Examination Regulations will be liable to disciplinary action including not being allowed to sit for the examination.

1.0 Timing

1.1 The BEM Professional Competency Examination (PCE) will be conducted during the allocated dates and times as informed to the candidates.

1.2 The examination hall will be open for admission 10 minutes before the time scheduled for the commencement of the examination. You are to find your allocated seat but do NOT turn over the question paper until instructed at the time of commencement of the examination.

1.3 You will not be admitted to the examination hall if you arrive half hour after commencement of the examination.

2.0 Personal Belongings

2.1 All your personal belongings (such as bags, pouches, ear/headphones, laptops etc.) must be placed with the Examination Secretariat outside the examination hall. Please do not bring any valuable belongings except essential materials required for the examination. BEM will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any belongings in or outside the examination hall.

2.2 Any unauthorised materials such as electronic devices with communication and/or storage capabilities, hand phones, tablet PC, laptop, smart watch, cameras, portable audio/video/gaming devices, etc. are not to be brought into the examination hall.

2.3 Mobile phones cannot be brought into the examination hall. If your mobile phone is found to have been brought into the examination hall, the phone will be confiscated and retained for investigation of possible violation of regulations.

2.4 Photography is NOT allowed in the examination hall at ALL times.

2.5 All materials and/or devices that are found in violation of any examination regulations will be confiscated.

3.0 At the Start of the Examination

3.1 Candidates must provide all equipment and materials required to sit for the examination, except paper. Individual A4 lined answer pads will be provided by the BEM. 

3.2 Do NOT turn over the question paper placed on your desk until instructed to do so at the time of commencement of the examination.

3.3 Please place your identification documents (either identity card or passport) at the top right corner of your examination desk for marking of attendance and verification of identity during the examination.

3.4 Please check that you have the correct question paper and read the instructions printed on your examination question paper carefully.

3.5 The examination is anonymous. Therefore, do not write your name on the answer book. You should write only your Candidate Number, correctly and legibly, in the space provided on the cover of each answer book. Providing incorrect/illegible Candidate Number could risk your answer book being considered void.

4.0 During the Examination

4.1 The invigilators will adhere to the length of and the times allotted for the examination.

4.2 You are not allowed to communicate by word of mouth or otherwise with other candidates (this includes the time when answer books are being collected).

4.3 Please raise your hand if you wish to communicate with an invigilator. The invigilator will not answer any queries on the interpretation of examination questions.

4.4 Unless granted permission by an invigilator, you are not allowed to leave your seat.

4.5 Once you have entered the examination hall, you will not be allowed to leave the hall until half hour after the examination has commenced. 

4.6 If, for any reason, you are given permission to leave the hall temporarily, you must be accompanied by an invigilator throughout your absence from the examination hall.

4.7 All answers, rough working and preparatory sketches must be made on the paper officially supplied and shall be given up at the end of the examination. All answers, with the exception of graphs, sketches, diagrams, etc. should be written in black or blue pen, unless otherwise specified. The blank pages in the answer book are to be used only for candidates' rough work. Solutions or any other materials written on these blank pages will not be marked.

5.0 At the End of the Examination

5.1 You are NOT allowed to leave the examination hall during the last 15 minutes of the examination and during the collection of the question paper and answer books. All candidates must remain seated throughout this period for invigilators to properly account for all question papers and answer books to be collected. Please note that candidates are not allowed to take the question papers back.

5.2 Do NOT continue to write after the examination has ended. You are to remain seated quietly while the question paper and your answer books are being collected and counted.

5.3 No papers, used or unused, may be removed from the examination hall. You are not allowed to take your own question paper back with you.

5.4 You are to stay in the examination hall until the Chief Invigilator has given the permission to leave. Do NOT talk until you are outside of the examination hall.

5.5 You are responsible to ensure that your answer books are submitted at the end of the examination. If you are present for the examination and do not submit your answer script, you will be deemed to have sat for and failed the examination concerned. Any unauthorised removal of the question paper and/or your answer book or part of your answer book from the examination hall may subject you to disciplinary action including failure of the examination.

5.6 Once dismissed, you should leave the examination hall quickly and quietly. Remember to take your personal belongings with you.


1. The use of wireless capable electronic devices is not allowed during the Professional Competency Examination.

2. Candidates are not allowed to bring into the examination hall any wireless-capable electronic devices.  The prohibited devices include:

(i) Mobile phones and smart watches

(ii) Laptops, notebooks or portable computers and similar devices

(iii) iPads, tablets and similar devices

(iv) e-readers (e.g. Kindle) and similar devices

(v) Cameras, optical scanners and similar devices

3. If any candidate is found to have entered the examination hall with these devices, the device will be confiscated and retained for investigation of possible violation of regulations.

4. Electronic battery-operated calculators, programmable or not, which do not contain any means of wireless communication or recording can be brought into the examination hall.

5. Candidates may bring into the exam room any printed textbooks or reference books - material in paper form (binding) which they may wish to use during the exam. Handwritten and loose notes ARE NOT ALLOWED.

ADDENDUM: Please be informed that all candidates are advised to bring along your own calculator for technical paper