Project Management


Malaysia Construction Services has been involved in a lot of project management works which includes planning, execution,supervisions, mitigation and contract administration. To date, we have managed a couple of Oil & gas projects (advisory for SOGT-KTC, SOFT-ABC, SAMUR-INFRA packages), JKR projects and private clients. The latest success was to monitor and control RM80 million project of 1,000 units of apartment for Akas Permai Sdn Bhd at Sandakan, Sabah which completed on time.

S-Curve with Per Period Bars (Sample)

S-Curve with Escalation in cost expenditure (sample)

Package Details

Among the planning work shall be the Planning Package with the following details;-

    - Planning Assumption

    - Execution Strategy

    - Planning Basis

    - Other Assumptions

    - Work Breakdown Schedule

    - Manpower Loading

Service Details

Our services range from working with planning software such as Microsoft Project, Primavera Project Planning and Primavera SureTrak. For project analysis, we work on PertMaster. We provide fundamental advisory on Agile or Scrum-Agile project management for micromanagement and short term projects. We work on software provided by the client.

Distribution of Possible Completion Date for every activity (Sample)

Completion Date analysis - Pareto and Monte-Carlo Analysis.

Overall forecast of float for project.