Waterproofing is generally the most acquired service; where at the early stage or sometimes initial appraisal is not needed, to remedy the nuisance caused by cracks which allow incursion of water or fluids.

Aside from that, this is the most sought after products which range for various kind of applications, starting from membranes, admixtures, jointing systems, sealing mortars and as roofing sealants. These various kind of products will optimized certain factors after their application. most of these applications are in the form of coatings and overlays and a few are in bars, strips and self-formed solids.


These ranges of applications would be of sheets of membranes or even applied emulsions depending on the area of effectiveness.


These are chemicals that usually mix together with during concrete batching which will reduce the penetration rate for water through concrete and mortar. Beside that, there are also range of self-compacting concrete admixtures with high-range water reduction for waterproof concretes.

Jointing system

These are types of waterproof for construction joint or expansion joints.

Sealing Mortars

These are coating made from polymer modified cementitious slurry coating as well as waterproofing coatings.

Roofing sealants

These sealants usually applied to reinforced concrete roofing which could resist airborne dirt and pollutants aside from downpour and thunderstorm. The variety of these kind of sealants very much depend on the characteristics, chemical and physical properties and as well as the aesthetic value for the finished products.

MCS have been advising many in construction and build communities on the right solution(s) for every range of usage to increase effectiveness and cost during application.