Urban Storm MSMA and ESCP

In recent years, floods became the main issue mainly in urban areas. The introduction of MSMA (Manual Saliran Mesra Alam) or usually known as Urban Storm Manual, is a concept where it targets control-at-source to guarantee zero development impact for quality and quantity of storm water run-off. The design is based on 50 years ARI for version 1 of MSMA and 100 years ARI for version 2 of MSMA for commercial application.

Such practice requires the developer and all other parties in land development not to compromise the run-off of post construction which would lead to flooding, instead to retain or to reduce the run-off quantity in comparison to the current or pre-development stage. Such noble practice will allow the construction of appropriate depth of drain invert levels, capacities and on-site detention facility which will control the run-off with orifices and other comprehensive methods.

Aside from Urban Storm run-off control, the run-off quality are deemed to be the parameters which need to be complied prior to discharge run-off quality to designated off-site monsoon, main or feeder drains.

The Rainfall reading for designated areas.

The Hydrograph for Urban Storm Run-off.

The Hydrograph for overall, Pervious and Impervious areas.

The introduction of OSD and results of run-off after confluence run-offs.

Another requirements shall be the ESCP (Erosion and Sediment Control Plan) which is part of BIM during the development stages. This introduces the right method in controlling sediments from flowing out during the discharge of run-off water. The introduction of basin types and storage capacity will remedy the sedimentation and particles from intruding the water source or drains.

Calculation shall be based on localized Soil Investigation, Soil Maps and Geological report prior to establishing the right Urban Storm OSD Facility and also the construction stage ESCP Facilities. The analysis shall justify the type of basin to be deployed at site.