Structure Repair

Structure repair and rehabilitation works is a job scope not known to many although it has been conducted ever since the existence of buildings of various components. However, this particular field of work and the multidisciplinary requirements has made it one of the most challenging work since it is interrelated with other fields and with the provision of budget for substantial works to be done.

Blatantly, “25 % of the structure owners are unhappy with the performance of the repair and protection materials within 5 years after the rehabilitation; 75 % are dissatisfied within 10 years!!!”  - CONREPNET, November 2004

MCS has been guided by EN 1504: Part 9 throughout the whole processes of concrete structure repair which will spell the methods and the appropriate approach in providing effective repair and rehabilitation works for various kind of defects and defaults.

Why structure repair? The most important reason of other reason would be to increase the robustness and strength of the concrete to avoid fatality to the inhabitant of that particular structure. Aside from that it would increase the lifespan and serviceability of the structures, increase the performance of structural members, reduction of cost incurred to service and maintain the structure integrity throughout the stipulated or intended lifespan. This also amplify the key issues of reduction in future maintenance through preservation and prolongation of characters and keeping the architectural ornaments and components from decaying in the sense of aesthetic and appearance.

Aside that, rehabilitation work would allow the provision for the structure to increase its strength, capacities, limit states and robustness through restrengthening via retrofitting.

Among the eleven principals in protecting and repairing reinforced concrete suggested by MCS are;-

The appropriate methodologies and technologies (as suggested by EN 1504: Part 9 and part 10) shall be deployed by the team during desktop investigation, site investigation, forensic work and tests, preparation of report(s) and record(s), pre-execution as well as execution for a structure repair and rehabilitation works.