Coatings & Overlays

There are various type of coatings in construction repair ranging from reinforcement bar priming/coatings, steel members protection coatings and also concrete protection coatings.

Steel bar priming and steel structure members' coating are usually applied to seal the surface from direct contact of aggressors which would cause and indirectly contributes to corrosion to the steel surface. Adequate coatings will prolong the steel's life span and robustness at severe condition installations and facilities. 

The thin polymer concrete overlay is a hard, glassy concrete coating, 25 to 50 mils thick, consisting of a vinyl ester resin system, silica flour filler, and appropriate coloring pigments. This membrane forming overlay partially penetrates the immediate top surface of the concrete and provides very good protection to concrete exposed to adverse chemical or weathering conditions.

Aside from that, some of these coatings are used for curing processes to ensure that it is as effective as Hessian curing method without being affected by other variables or ingress of potential yet passive inhabitants into the concrete cover surface.

For other overlays, please check the waterproofing section.