Construction and Industrial Design, Concepts and Illustration Works

Malaysia Construction services (MCS) has been known as an organization which spearhead construction technologies and services, and perhaps being viewed as a structural and engineering party. Nevertheless, this is relatively untrue as MCS is deeply involved with concept, illustration and (architecture) design works as part of the supportive components for the local construction industry and real estate developments.

For structural design, we are specialized in concrete and steel design for commercial buildings and also military buildings.

We are also specializing in feasibility studies, preparation of designs (aside from pre-tender and post-tender processes and engineering designs) and proposals for erection of structures and land development. Previously, MCS came out with initial architecture designs, business proposals with cash flow, planning and submission as well as methodologies during construction stages. This is made possible for clients since MCS affiliates are groups of architects and construction professionals for initial stages of conventional construction as well as design and build concepts.

Aside from making differences in structure appearance and with (at times) ornaments, MCS professionals are true believers in sleek, self-sustained and smart building design. Thus, MCS excel forward by introducing, integrating smart facilities and installations aside from championing the need  and cause to build more green buildings and structures for inhabitants mainly in the city.

Proposed Timber Structure - Seismic Resistance

Proposed UMS Sabah Library for Sandakan Branch

Office Interior

Proposed Weston Wetland Resort - Over view

Proposed Weston Wetland Resort - Playground

Proposed Tawau Courthouse

Landscape for Proposed Hotel at Mukah, Sarawak

Hotel Room Interior

Hotel Suite Interior

Proposed MYDIN Hypermall

For building architecture and conventional land development, kindly peruse through our Urban Planning and architecture works section.

** The photo above is a summary on how MCS view the existing abandoned-graffiti-filled and burned down old welfare Department Building at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and came out with a green and sleek building design. Once the prominent and the last three historical buildings in the city, it was abandon since the fire (31st December 1992).

** MCS have presented the idea of having an Art Gallery recently (contradicting to the immediate proposed Commercial cum car park design a few month after the fire) but alas, the new Art Gallery have been tendered out for construction at other spot. The intended spot was not assigned for any construction due to legal and financial complication (caveat, as we are informed). As a matter of concept and engineering combined; MCS proposed a new structure without destroying the original structures instead integrating it as part of the function of the design spaces. Aside from that MCS challenge the engineering communities with a non-conventional concrete structure.

Aside from building design, MCS also provide industrial designs for commercial and packaging purposes. The following photos are our brief design portfolio for your reference.