Urban Planning & Architecture Works

Malaysia Construction Services has been involved with urban planning and architecture works which cater some of the developers and government sector with concepts in planning for construction and built.

At most time the essence of the client's charter and the objectives usually will be translated into designs or integrated partially as a subliminal communication between the guest, inhabitant and the surroundings in projecting the aura and characteristic from the building design.

The revolutionary part in this integral part of MCS architecture design would be our concept where we do not necessarily bound ourselves with the concept of ‘form follow function – Louis Sullivan’ instead nor the famous quote of Adolf Loos where it amplify that architecture ornament was criminal; which trigger a simplicity of design. What our core finish products or designs shall be are revolutionary to space, time and volume.

MCS is highly involved in innovative and experimental designs of smaller mobile buildings and changeable-form structures as we do observed the need of smaller groups in communities where life is so dynamic and vibrant. Therefore MCS  is paving the path of MAYA (Most Advanced yet Acceptable) concept and school of thoughts among our designers and collaborative affiliates and partners.

Aside from the micro part of architecture and design, MCS also played roles in bigger part of the society where MCS involved in urban planning as well as township development where our main concern is to provide society with culture, livelihood, lifestyle by spearheading it with concept development of cities and townships. For more please browse Design Portfolio.

Lastly, MCS also specialized in interior design for conventional government spaces and budget (based on Treasury brief) as well as the advance new designs to cater high-end users mainly shopping malls, boutiques and hotels.